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Who we are

Porticus is the international organisation that manages the grant-giving programmes of charitable entities established by Brenninkmeijer family entrepreneurs. We provide these entities with strategic advice on programmes and offer them a full array of grant management services. All the charitable projects we support promote respect for human dignity and social justice.

Porticus Worldwide

Amsterdam Office
Porticus Global, Africa, The Netherlands

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Porticus Amsterdam
P.O. Box 7867
1008 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Brussels Office
Belgium, Luxembourg

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Porticus Belgium
Alcide de Gasperilaan z/n
1804 Vilvoorde

Düsseldorf Office
Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East

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Porticus Düsseldorf
Postfach 101861
40009 Düsseldorf

London Office
United Kingdom, Ireland

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Porticus UK
Michelin House, Fourth Floor
81 Fulham Road
London SW3 6RD
United Kingdom

Paris Office

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Porticus France
1, Rue des Déchargeurs
75001 Paris

Madrid Office
Spain, Portugal

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Porticus Iberia
Apartado Postal: 1020
28108 Alcobendas Madrid

New York Office
Canada, United States of America

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Porticus North America
PO Box 1690
New York, NY 10163
United States of America

Hong Kong Office

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Porticus Asia Limited
P.O. Box No. 23425
Wan Chai Post Office
Hong Kong

São Paulo Office
Central & South America

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Porticus Latin America
P.O. Box 127
City: Barueri
State: São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Postal code: 06402-970