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What distinguishes Porticus from other charities?

Porticus manages the philanthropic programmes of charitable entities established by Brenninkmeijer family entrepreneurs, and, as such, is governed by members of the Brenninkmeijer family. Porticus does not work for other funds nor does it raise funds from the general public.

Why is the focus on education, society, faith and care?

The dignity of every person and the rich potential they harbour are at the centre of our values. We look to foster the development of citizens who can live together in society and make a meaningful contribution to their own development as well that of their communities. We believe that by focusing on the areas of education, society, care and faith we can best promote respect for human dignity, social justice and sustainability.

Does Porticus also execute projects?

Our partners are responsible for the execution of their projects. Porticus evaluates their funding needs, supports with advice and network contacts where required, and monitors to ensure that funds are used appropriately.

Where does the funding come from?

The family entrepreneurs have always dedicated part of the profit to charity, over time establishing charitable entities, and so have been doing good for generations. It is the sustained success of the businesses over generations of entrepreneurial activity that makes this charitable activity possible.

How do you monitor the projects you support?

We have a comprehensive process of structuring the grant proposals and reviewing the projects’ outcomes. We aim to increase our impact by making the best possible decisions, based on continuous learning, from our own experience and external sources. Impact measurement remains a vexing challenge that we share with others. Luckily there are many creative initiatives all around the world, including many we support, that are helping to improve our understanding of what works and why. We continue to work to improve our measurement and impact assessment capability.

How are projects selected?

Porticus supports charitable projects that promote respect for human dignity and social justice. All our selected partners are active in the areas of education, society, faith and care. Porticus operations and decisions on projects are governed by members of the Brenninkmeijer family as well as external experts, themselves leaders in philanthropy.

What is the size of the grants?

The size of grants varies from a few hundred euros to much larger amounts. We are not in a position to share financial information on the various entities we advise. A number of them have their own website through which further details are provided.

How can I apply for a grant?

In general Porticus does not accept unsolicited requests for support. As an exception, three local Porticus offices may consider requests for charitable projects in the regions United Kingdom, North America and the Netherlands. Requests for projects in these regions may be submitted via the local Porticus websites.

How can I contact Porticus?

For information on Porticus in the United Kingdom,North America and The Netherlands, please click on the links to go to the local sites.

For any other questions, please connect with our global team via the contact form.

For media/press requests, please, or call +31 20 621 3871.

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