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Porticus has twelve offices around the world. Our staff of committed professionals maintains relationships with a network of deeply dedicated organisations and individuals.

We have advised approximately 8,000 professional project partners over the years. Collectively our partners touch millions of people worldwide each year in the charitable work they do.

Our head office is located in Amsterdam. Daily operations are governed by a supervisory board consisting of members of the Brenninkmeijer family and external experts, themselves leaders in philanthropy.

Within the four globally defined programme areas, our regional offices respond to regional issues and challenges. We believe in empowering people locally to help those in need in a sustainable way. We aim to foster deep and trusting relationships with our partners around the world, an extraordinary network of individuals who dedicate their lives to others.

Porticus does not raise funds from the general public.

Working in the context of a private charitable initiative we do not advertise our activities. The focus has always been on the work rather than the promotion of the work.

In general Porticus does not accept unsolicited requests for support. As an exception, three local Porticus offices may consider requests for charitable projects in the United Kingdom, North America and the Netherlands. Please refer to the regional websites for more details.