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Porticus builds relationships and networks with partners whose goals and values are compatible with ours. Our partner network includes religious as well as non-religious organisations that promote respect for human dignity and social justice. We facilitate financial support and provide advice to our partners. If necessary, we also support our partners in building their own organisational capacity.

Our partners include established institutions with a proven track record and long-term commitment as well as new organisations with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, who can act as catalysts for social change. We work with our partners to increase impact and to make the best possible decisions based on continuous learning.

We choose to work with organisations with close ties to the needs they are addressing. Their perspective is important to ensure impact on the ground - where it really matters.

Our due diligence process includes a safeguarding assessment to protect the safety of children and vulnerable adults. We request all our partners to have relevant safeguarding measures - including safe recruitment, staff training and reporting procedures - in place. 

Examples of partners we work with can be found under Programme Areas.