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Photo credits

Unless indicated otherwise, photos by Porticus Staff.

  • Home "children in classroom" - photo courtesy of the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Vinh.
  • Home "cooks" - photo courtesy of the Penascal Foundation.
  • Home "three girls" - photo courtesy of the Misioneros de San Carlos Scalabrinianos.
  • Home "Reconnect cafe" - photo courtesy of the Vernon Avenue Project.
  • Home "children in school uniform" - photo courtesy of the De La Salle brothers.
  • About us - photo copyright of Stuart Freedman.
  • Organisation - photo courtesy of St. Anne's (Jharkhand, India).
  • Board & MT - photo courtesy of the Big Shoulders Fund.
  • Inspiration - photo courtesy of the RNDM Sisters.
  • Programme areas - photo courtesy of Herencia.
  • Education - photo courtesy of the FMA Cambodia.
  • Higher education for refugees - © Photo: Tom Schreiber.
  • Preparing young Brazilians for working life - Photo courtesy of Instituto Aliança.
  • Training teachers for South Sudan - © Photo: Paul Jeffrey.
  • Fighting school dropout rates in Spain - Photo courtesy of the Penascal Foundation.
  • Free learning support in Rotterdam - © Photo: Eiko Waleson.
  • Society - photo courtesy of the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation.
  • Supporting disadvantaged German youth - Photo courtesy of Lichtblick-Hasenbergl.
  • Reinforcing social cohesion in Amsterdam - Photo courtesy of the Stichting Samenwonen Samenleven.
  • Preventing youth homelessness in the UK - Photo courtesy of Depaul.
  • Increasing J-PAL’s impact in South Asia - Photo courtesy of J-PAL.
  • Faith - copyright photo: Andrew Aitchison.
  • Fostering reconciliation in Bosnia - Photo courtesy of Youth Centre Ivan Pavao II.
  • Big Shoulders support Chicago schools - Photo courtesy of the Big Shoulders Fund.
  • New interfaith primary school in Germany - Photo courtesy of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Osnabrück.
  • Re-Imagining Humanity: New Ethical Grounds - Photo courtesy of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
  • Extra training for sisters in Asia - Photo courtesy of the RNDM Sisters.
  • Care - photo courtesy of the Dukeries College and Complex.
  • Improving Haiti’s healthcare - © Photo: Rebecca E. Rollins.
  • Nursing skills for Russian homecare - Photo courtesy of Caritas Siberia.
  • Protecting Austria’s children - Photo courtesy of die möwe.
  • Partners - photo courtesy of die möwe.
  • Jobs - photo courtesy of Going to School.
  • FAQ - © Photo: Andrew Aitchison.
  • Contact - photo courtesy of the De La Salle brothers.