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Recruitment Privacy Statement

1. Introduction

At Porticus we are committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy, confidentiality and security of the personal data of external and internal applicants. When an applicant visits the Porticus career website, LinkedIn, or uses the internal job vacancies site, we collect information (personal data) about the applicant (e.g. via web forms).

Porticus’ entities are located across the globe ( This Recruitment Privacy Statement applies to all applicants and each Porticus entity shall adhere to this Recruitment Privacy Statement, unless local law requirements demands otherwise.

Porticus uses the applicant’s personal data in a fair and lawful manner; this means that Porticus will collect and process personal data in accordance with applicable privacy laws. Protecting the privacy and personal data of applicants is of the utmost importance to us and is a significant aspect of the way we create, organise and implement our recruiting activities.

This Recruitment Privacy Statement is applicable to Porticus recruitment and selection activities and is intended to inform applicants

  • why we collect personal information;
  • what information is collected and;
  • how it is processed within the recruitment process.

Throughout this Recruitment Privacy Statement we use the term “processing” to cover all activities involving your personal information, including collecting, handling, storing, sharing, accessing, using, transferring and disposing of the information.

This Recruitment Privacy Statement may be modified from time to time to comply with applicable laws or to reflect updated business practices

2. Purposes

Porticus’ job vacancies sites ( offer applicants the opportunity to apply on-line (both unsolicited applications and Porticus current open positions).

Personal information submitted by an applicant to Porticus (applicant data) will only be used by Porticus to support a responsible, effective and efficient recruitment and selection process. Applicant data can also be used for anonymised reporting purposes. We will collect and process applicant data in connection with unsolicited applications and from Porticus open positions. We will process applicant data for recruitment purposes only.

Porticus recruitment purposes are:

  • application: activities carried out in the course of receiving and assessing candidate applications, including reviewing general applications or applications for specific jobs and processing information to enable subscription to our job alerts. This may involve the processing of your CV, name, address, employment history, academic and professional qualifications, date of birth, gender, nationality; 
  • assessment: activities carried out in the course of assessing candidate suitability for roles at Porticus, which may involve the processing of your CV, psychometric tests (such as a situational judgement test, ability or personality test), interview (face to face, telephone or video), behavioural assessments, technical assessments;
  • pre-employment screening: pre-employment screening activities carried out for the purposes of financial, credit history and insurance risk assessments; criminal records checks; adverse media checks; 
  • candidate searches: In the course of our search activities, we use personal information that we have collected concerning candidates to identify professional opportunities that we think may be of interest. We may contact potential candidates from time to time regarding such opportunities;
  • communicating about Porticus recruitment and selection procedures with hiring managers and applicants;
  • contacting applicants to schedule interviews/assessments and sending information to applicants about other relevant vacancies.  matching applicant data with Porticus current open positions;
  • communicating about Porticus recruitment and selection procedures with hiring managers and applicants;
  • contacting applicants to schedule interviews/tests and sending information to applicants about other relevant vacancies.

Not all of the purposes set out above will apply to you all of the time and will always be in accordance to local law.

3. Applicant data

Porticus collects and processes applicant data submitted by an applicant to Porticus through the Porticus recruitment website or the internal recruitment channels in case of internal applicants.

Porticus also collects and processes applicant data through other channels, including personal contacts, phone calls, and social media.

Porticus can, subject to the relevant circumstances and depending on the vacancy and location, collect the following applicant data (not limitative, and not always applicable):

Personal details: Personal contact details; date of birth; gender; civil status; nationality; photograph
Recruitment related information: CV; employment history and educational history details; previous employers; references; background screening information

The applicant data that Porticus collects and processes will be adequate, relevant and not excessive relative to the specified purposes for which the applicant data are collected and processed. Applicant data will be as accurate as possible and, as necessary in accordance with applicable laws, kept up to date by applicants and Porticus.

Porticus does not collect, process or store any sensitive applicant data, such as data that reveals your race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, health or sexual preference. If, owing to certain circumstances, Porticus does collect sensitive applicant data, the applicant’s explicit written consent will be obtained before such sensitive data is processed.

Please note that by providing Porticus with unsolicited sensitive applicant data, the applicant consents to Porticus’ processing of this sensitive applicant data for recruitment purposes only.

4. Disclosure

Porticus may disclose certain applicant data to a supplier or contractor organisation supplying services which require the use and/or creation of applicant data for the purposes described in this privacy statement and in accordance with applicable laws. Prior to disclosing any information to any third party, Porticus will ensure that all third party recipients are bound to strict standards of information security.

Porticus does not sell or trade applicant data to any third party. Porticus may be obliged to disclose certain applicant data to third parties, such as government authorities, in accordance with applicable laws. It may also be necessary for Porticus to disclose applicant data so as to protect the legal rights of Porticus, again in accordance with applicable laws.

5. Transfer

Porticus operates as a global organisation. As a consequence, applicant data may need to be transferred within the Porticus group to another country under certain circumstances. To ensure that an applicant’s application is duly processed, it may be necessary to process and transfer applicant data within the Porticus’ group outside the country of origin of the applicant. Porticus will ensure adequate security measures for the transfer and processing of applicant data to the locations in the various countries where Porticus operates.

6. Retention

Porticus will retain applicant data during the recruitment and selection process. Porticus will only retain applicant data after the recruitment and selection process if there is a legal obligation to do so (e.g. equal opportunity requirements in local employment laws).  Retention periods in local legislation always need to be taken into account and complied with. After the retention period the applicant data will be completely deleted from the Porticus system.

Applicant data will be kept or stored for a maximum of one year. Porticus may request your consent to hold your applicant data on file longer in case a suitable vacancy arises or for purposes to building a talent pool.

7. Security

We have taken adequate safeguards to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal data. Porticus has, and ensures that its processors have, implemented appropriate technical, physical and organisational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, damage, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access, and against all other forms of unlawful processing (including, but not limited to, unnecessary collection).

Porticus also ensures (contractually) that third parties and affiliates processing applicant data on Porticus’ behalf, will observe similarly adequate security measures again in accordance with applicable local legal requirements.

Access to applicant data is limited to Porticus processors who are involved in recruitment activities.

8. Applicant's rights

An applicant has the right to access his or her applicant data that Porticus holds. An applicant has the right to request Porticus to correct his or her applicant data. Correction also implies supplementing, deletion, blocking or ensuring in another way that applicant data will no longer be used. Porticus only has an obligation to correct applicant data when the data is factually inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant to the purpose for which Porticus processes the data.

9. Contact information

Please note that this contact information can only be used to handle privacy related enquiries. Information about Porticus positions or other non-privacy issues will not be answered.

Please send any questions, comments or issues about this privacy statement or Porticus’ applicant data collection and processing activities to