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Space for Grace in Western Europe

By joining the dots, new ideas, communities and ways of worshipping can emerge and reengage people in the future of faith. 

Secularisation is on the rise in parts of Western Europe where society is becoming more diverse and plural. Innovative thinking is needed to ensure the Catholic Church keeps step with changing times. We want to help the Church adopt a more positive and welcoming spirit and inject vitality into Church communities in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

One of our key partners is the Centre for Applied Pastoral Research (ZAP) at the Ruhr University Bochum, which tries to connect as many people, experiences and ideas from Church initiatives as possible. It's exploring topics like the future of ecclesiastical vocations and how faith can be conveyed meaningfully on the Internet.  

We've seen new forms of spirituality, worship and community-building emerge that better answer contemporary needs. Based on emerging evidence of what's working, we will continue to identify, support and share pioneering activities to engage all worshippers in the life of the Church.  

4.13 Group In Church Presentation ZAP Bochum Copyright Andy Aitchison

Exchanging views on spirituality at the Centre for Applied Pastoral Research (ZAP) in Bochum, Germany